Off the Plan Homes

Ready made designs

You can choose from our comprehensive range of well-considered and functional home designs. Our “ready-made” designs appeal to a range of lifestyles.

Whether you’re looking for a family sized four-bedroom, two-bathroom home, or a more compact design, you can choose from our range in our design portfolio, considered (and functional) designs to suit your budget and lifestyle requirements.

You also have the option of working with us to vary and amend any one of our home designs to better suit your needs. After all, at Eikon Build, we believe that your home should be a reflection of who you are, your wants, your needs and your aspirations.


Initial design meeting

At this meeting, we explore your needs, objectives and your budget. We consider things such as function, size and relationship between spaces, character and image, and a host of other considerations that affect how you will live in your new home. It is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your family’s needs and wants.

There may be an already existing Eikon Build home design that appeals to you, which meets all your building objectives and requirements.

You may also wish to make changes to the Eikon Build home design or you may wish to amalgamate other aspects of another Eikon Build home design to better suit your needs and what you want. Our experienced team will be here to help you make the right decision.


Gathering necessary information

We will need to gather and evaluate all of the information necessary to build your new home. This step may include our team obtaining necessary property and land searches, geotechnical and topographical reports.

We need to ensure that your block of land is suitable for the Eikon Build home design that you have chosen.


Any changes

In the event that any changes need to be made to your chosen and already existing Eikon Build home design, our experienced team will be with you each step of the way so that any changes or budgetary requirements are carefully considered.


Planning Permit

We will submit the plan of your new home to the local authorities, as you will require a planning permit.

Once we receive a planning permit, we will then start to prepare working drawings and specifications, which are necessary documents translated into the technical language required for the building and construction phase.



We will meet with you in order to select fixtures and fittings of your new home which may include lighting, plumbing, brickwork, window treatments, and floor coverings, just to name a few.   This is an exciting step. At Eikon Build we understand the significance of getting the “finishing touches” right. Our experienced team are here to help you each step of the way.


Building Permit

We will require a building permit from the local authority, prior to the construction phase of your new home. Our team has extensive experience in liaising with local authorities and making applications to obtain the necessary building permits.



With our necessary permits in tow, we are ready to build your new home.

Throughout each step of the construction phase, our team will keep you informed and up to date about the progress of your new home.

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