Build Only (BYO Plans)

Bring your plans to us

Our fully flexible and collaborative
approach means you can bring
your own building plans to us.

We are more than happy to liaise with your chosen architect or draftsperson to bring your vision of your new home to life.

Over the years, our team has had years of experience with working with various architects and draftspersons on different projects. We understand the importance of working cohesively with others in order to provide a seamless service.


Initial design meeting

The first step will be for us to meet and for you to show us the plans for your new home.   The main purpose of our initial meeting, in addition to meeting and getting to know you, is to clearly understand your building objectives and requirements, and to familiarise ourselves with the plans of your new home, whether it be a basic concept design or full working documentation which has been prepared by your preferred architect and/or draftsperson. We know how much hard work and careful consideration goes into the creation of full working designs, so we want to ensure that the building phase of your journey reflects what you want to achieve.


Staying on budget

After we have had the opportunity to review your plans for your new home, we will then prepare a detailed cost estimate for making your vision into a reality. We can also work with you and your preferred architect or draftsperson so that we can look at more cost effective ways to build your new home whilst keeping true to what you ultimately want to achieve.



If you haven’t already done so already with your architect or draftsperson, we will need meet with you in order to select your fixtures and fittings in your new home which may include lighting, plumbing, brickwork, window treatments, and floor coverings, just to name a few, this is an exciting step.  At Eikon Build we understand the significance of getting the “finishing touches” right. Our experienced team are here to help you each step of the way


Building permit

We will require a building permit from the local authority, prior to the construction phase of your new home. Our team has extensive experience in liaising with local authorities and making applications to obtain the necessary building permits.



With your necessary permits in tow, we are ready to build your new home.

Throughout each step of the construction phase, our team will keep you informed and up to date about the progress of your new home.

Get in Touch

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