Your Options

At Eikon Build, we’ve developed a range of customised building options which allow you the ability and freedom to design a tailor-made process unique to you.

From a full service, end-to-end design and construct solution, through to a collaborative construction only approach, we will work with you to provide as much support, advice and assistance as you need, whatever the option you choose.

We are dedicated to providing a flexible building solution that not only delivers an immaculate result but also reflects your vision of your new home.

Our experience in the building, design and construction industry, spanning several decades, has taught us one very important thing – that no one project, no one client is ever the same – but they are all equally important. 

Whilst our focus is to achieve an end result of the highest standard for each of our clients, we recognise that the journey to that destination is just as important.  A journey which we will be with you each step of the way.  Your home, your journey.

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